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"Whisper Quiet" Web-On-Air Advanced Air Bar & Turn Bar Systems

Proven uses for our Web-On-Air bars include:

Flotation bar , air turns , air bearings , frictionless bearing , air turn bar , air idler , turn bars

Features and Benefits:

•  Reduces noise levels and associated operator fatigue ( "whisper quiet" operation ).

•  Eliminates weaving of web, improves front to back registration

•  Reduces air consumption and compressor cycles (0.03CFM / sq.inch of mesh coverage at 20psi).
   Example: a pair of bars designed to turn a web of 10" width use approximately 4 CFM.

•  Consistent web floatation across bar length

•  Reduces web abrasion, and eliminates scratching of web materials common with conventional bars

•  Eliminates the need to mask, seal or plug exposed part of air bars when running narrower webs


•  US Patent No. 6364247

•  Features our patented micro-porous pneumatic flotation technology, with thousands of pores per bar

•  Individual air bars available in lengths up to 55 inches

•  Air bar diameters available for all material requirements

•  Air bar lengths and mounting points built to your required specifications for new or retrofit applications

•  Individual air bars are designed and built to directly and easily replace your existing conventional bars.

•  Air regulators specifically for Web-On-Air applications are available




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